David Bates – oil

Jeff Boutin – acrylic

Dennis Champlin – acrylic

Kearston Corey – acrylic

Lorraine Danzo – watercolor and mixed media

Mark Day – oil

Tim Deibler – oil

Maggie Elligott – Collage

Brie Filler – photography

Patrice Filler – watercolor

Susan Foster – acrylic

David Gonzales – acrylic

Coni Grant – acrylic

Randy Honerlah – acrylic

Buffalo Kaplinski – watercolor

Nancy Krause – jewelry

Shar McClure – encaustic and mixed media

Mattie O -Mobiles – Jewelry

Audrie Mergelman – Oil/Acrylic

Jack Risley – mixed media collage

Terri Sanchez – oil

Susan Tormoen – pastel & oil

Adam Williams – photography

Stephen Wysocki –  oil


For more information on artists please refer to blog posts

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