Why do these whimsical bears capture everyones attention?  One glance and you want to see more.   Playful, mischievous, curious….come see for yourself.   Each with a personality that is unique.  The eyes seem to tell the story.  

While you’re at it, take note of the lush brush work and vibrant color palette Jeff chooses.  Don’t let the bears fool you…Jeff can paint anything!

Fare Bella and Day Contemporary are thrilled to represent this talented artist.




At the age of 17, Jeff was hired by a Minneapolis company that custom painted designs on cars.  Two years later, he ventured into the carpet business.

Within a short period of time, he purchased tufting machines from Georgia and launched Minnesota’s first carpet mill.  His love of color and texture was incorporated into all the rugs he designed and created.  Yarn was his ‘medium’ and the fabric backing became his canvas.

In 2003, Jeff sold the business and started painting full time.  Although he attempted art school, he felt it was not what he needed for the direction he was taking with art.  He loves the discovery of art; school just seemed to make things predictable and repetitive. 

Jeff is forging his own way in the art community.



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