“Hope and Hopeless are very contagious.   Which one will you spread?”
Hello friends.  I choose HOPE.  I ‘hope’ you do as well.  
I think we all have that feeling and desire for certain things to happen.  Especially after these past five months.  Not just with the pandemic but the current discord in our country.  
All lives matter, but BLACK LIVES MATTER,  indeed.  I have HOPE that real change is possible.  Being silent is being complacent.  I have hope that I will hold myself to a higher standard.
I am also hoping that while Autumn sneaks up on us, you are healthy and safe.
The gallery has reopened with limited hours.  Manitou has been great about taking the pandemic seriously.  Requiring masks, as so many out of towners flood our businesses.  I have been pleasantly surprised at how thankful and respectful all have been.
Bemis has decided to wait until Summer of 2021 to resume in person classes.  I am a bit relieved honestly and have enjoyed the break.  But I miss teaching and my wonderful students, especially at the gallery. I’ve missed the laughs and the camaraderie of the sorority!
I ‘hope’ you are all doing a little painting.  I am unsure how classes would safely resume at Fare Bella but I am open to suggestions,  Please email me with ideas.
So while I anticipate this shift to my absolute favorite Season, I welcome the way the sun paints the landscape with a tapestry of colors, the cooler weather, the seasonal goodies, the Holidays….we are privileged to soak up the sun during the day and snuggle up to a fire in the chilly evenings.  How lucky are we?  I hope you appreciate and enjoy the changes.
Remember, the world may feel broken, but there’s always HOPE.
Broken crayons still color…
  1. Linda Hutchinson

    Patti, I would like to sign up for Painting the Beloved Bird on Wed, May 29. Can you transfer my credit? Thank you.
    Linda Hutchinson


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