“These are the days that must happen to you”.  Walt Whitman
Hello Everyone,
In the last schedule/newsletter I sent out in January, I suggested that you all fill out your 2020 calendar with a pencil.  Ready to erase and ready for the unpredictable.
Little did I know!
Mark, Tami and I made a decision to close the gallery on March 14 and have been isolating since.  I finally headed to Denver to spend a few weeks at Brie’s.  We are all healthy, safe and being extremely cautious. 
Philip turned 6 and celebrated in a way he will forever remember.   It seems ‘Drive By’ has a new meaning.  Brie hosted a ‘Drive By Party’ where friends and family drove by with balloons and signs and honks for Birthday Wishes.  Philip was thrilled and Edie was oblivious….and the cake was delish!  
A quick update–as many of you know Aaron had a meningioma brain tumor removed on March 27 at Anshutz Medical Campus in Denver.
It could not have been scheduled at a more precarious time.  He had an incredible, talented medical team that successfully removed the benign golf ball size tumor during a nearly 9 hour surgery.
No visitors allowed…NONE.  But Sherri has been a warrior through it all.
Aaron was released almost 5 days early due to over 200 Covid patients admitted within the two days that he was there.
We still find it hard to comprehend  having brain surgery on Friday and home by Sunday.  Nearly 6 weeks, with virtual exams, Aaron is doing fantastic. Headache free!  Thank you all for prayers and good wishes.
I know the sacrifices made by medical professionals and I am eternally grateful.  In soooo many ways.
Tentatively I have set a June 8 Gallery open date.  We will be following the guidelines set by the experts.  Masks, social distancing, hand washing and limiting customers into the gallery.
To my faithful artist students, I am still not sure when classes will resume.  Bemis is closed until September so  I will use their schedule as a guide.  But I promise to update.
I know many of you are anxious to get back to normal.  But what exactly is normal?  I read a wonderful sentiment on social media recently that says…
“Maybe we have ‘returned’ to the normal way of life.  That the virus isn’t a disruption of the norm, but rather exactly the reverse–that the hectic world before the virus arrived was ‘abnormal.’
I hope this finds you all safe and healthy.  
And remember:
    “We are not all in the same boat, but we are all in the same storm. ”  #bekind
Missing you all,


MARCH – APRIL 2020 (<– click)





  1. Linda Hutchinson

    Patti, I would like to sign up for Painting the Beloved Bird on Wed, May 29. Can you transfer my credit? Thank you.
    Linda Hutchinson


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