When the Winds of change feel too strong…Close your eyes and let the breeze blow through your hair…..aaaahhhh!  
OK then…
Change is good, change is inevitable, change is in the air, change for the better, change your mind…..but why then are so many changes difficult?  I welcome the change of Seasons….especially Summer to Fall, apples change to cider, grapes to wine, pumpkins to pie….Of course change can be happy and exciting, yet it can be messy and complicated.  Maybe it is the way we view it.  
We have all recently had to adjust our lives somewhat. 
So I am choosing to change the way I view the current situation   and maybe the view will change…in a good way!
I have become incredibly comfortable with the Fare Bella ‘view’ for over 14 years.  Although I have seen many many changes along the way, I felt this was the best of the best of ‘times.’  Falling in love  with the surroundings of the charming Manitou community….including the quirkiness.   Comfortable with teaching and workshop collaborations, my fabulous students who have become dear friends, collectors and tourists that return year after year, being able to represent the work of some of the most talented, incredible artists that exist, Tami and Mark, my faithful partners, and of course the paramount support of my family….I could not ask for more.
“Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” 
Thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart.  My gratitude, I can promise you, will never change.  There are no words…
So friends, look for changes to come.  I will search for the perfect new location.  I will find it.  And the change will be a unique welcomed excitement.  
Enjoy this glorious Autumn even as it changes to Winter….and why not make a little change in your life….whatever that looks like!
“And suddenly you just know…it’s time to start something new & trust the magic of new beginnings.”


  1. Linda Hutchinson

    Patti, I would like to sign up for Painting the Beloved Bird on Wed, May 29. Can you transfer my credit? Thank you.
    Linda Hutchinson


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