“The sea is never still.  It pounds on the shore, restless as a young heart.”
The lucky little young hearts enjoying the miracle of the ocean!! 
I recently bought a book for a dear friend.  She has been in my life for several years and my life is better for it!   
A mentor & inspiration…she just turned 93!  

The title of the book alone made me think of her.  For me, it’s all about presentation.  If I like a title or cover or color of a book, I give it a go.  Not that I don’t read recommendations, etc….but I am always drawn to something that visually or emotionally appeals to me….and yes, I’ve wasted a lot of money!
Nevertheless, I ended up reading and loving this little gem & I think my friend will too.  Surprise…the author lives in Boulder! 
 “Recipes for a Sacred Life”
‘True stories and a few Miracles’  by Rivvy Neshama
There is an excerpt from the book that really resonated with me.  It was a message to the author from a woodcarver.  They are discussing that life is like a tapestry and there is no speeding up the process to creating either.  
The woodcarver has a favorite saying suggesting that  “those who work with their hands are laborers; those that work with their hands and heads are craftsmen; and those that work with their hands and heads and hearts are artists”
Friends, as artists we indeed work with our hands and heads and hearts!  Creating that tapestry called life.  
For me, the tapestry will look much different in the future.  The building sold and unfortunately rent has nearly tripled.  It is not fathomable for Fare Bella to support this kind of increase.  I will not be able to resume classes as I’d hoped in October. It is with deep sadness that I will be closing the doors permanently unless a new location is discovered.
So, as I sit here writing, pondering the future and anticipating cooler…MUCH cooler Autumn days ahead, my thoughts turn again to my friend who is young at heart, an artist, a positive thinker,  a miracle herself that has most definitely led a sacred life. 
A beautiful soul inside and out.
She has no problem eating pie for breakfast, never ever exercises but is constantly moving, enjoys the finer things in life as much as a piece of driftwood she finds in the forest. 
What would my wise friend do if she were in my position?
She would tell me to stay focused on my vision. Not to be sorry that it may be over but thankful that it was.   To roll with the punches.
When one door closes….   
OK, OK…got it!
Happy Birthday Shar and many many more!  
I know there is a miracle just around the corner and I know that no matter what your tapestry looks like, no matter the recipe….Life is indeed Sacred.
I will be in touch with what’s to come.  


  1. Linda Hutchinson

    Patti, I would like to sign up for Painting the Beloved Bird on Wed, May 29. Can you transfer my credit? Thank you.
    Linda Hutchinson


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