Remember, painting is not something you have time for, painting is something you make time for.

I just received notice that it’s ‘time’ to renew a magazine subscription.  Magnolia Journal.  I’m not renewing.  It has served it’s ‘time.’  A beautiful magazine by the way.  And I love love magazines.  
This  Magnolia issue is focusing on one of our greatest assets…’time.’ There was a time, many many years ago when I had a career in the retail world.  It held much responsibility and lots of travel.  I loved it! One of the main things I learned was time management.   It also taught me much of what brought me to where I am today.  Operating a thriving business.  I chose to leave shortly before Aaron was born, starting a new career as a stay at home Mom.  Everyone, and I mean everyone, told me I would never last.  I would have way too much time on my hands.Well, I loved this most important fulfilling time and never looked back! Guess what?  I never seemed to have enough time.  My brother recently retired after years as a very successful landscape architect, and often expresses how he never seems to have enough time. His days are full.  The question he’s asked most often is…..you guessed it…. what does he do with all his free time? Chuckle chuckle…. 

During the pandemic it seems one thing we’ve all had more of is time.I think most of us took advantage of this time to organize, pick up a new hobby, experiment with recipes, start a new workout program (well, OK, maybe not!), but the list goes on.  

Many of us have settled in and adapted but for so many it has been a most difficult time.   
We often hear that time is of the essence or time is/isn’t on our side,    time is a gift or time is a thief.  
Time truly is a constant presence in our lives.
As the magazine says, it offers us a sense of order.  It guides our actions, shapes our choices and offers direction for where we place our attention.   We hear…..she’s timeless, time has taken its toll, it’s better with time, time to stop procrastinating, time just drags on, you are right on time, time well spent, lunch time, story time, bed time, your time is up, your time is NOW!  TIME…there is no escaping it!
So take a little time to drag out those brushes and paints.    It’s almost  time to get back to gathering and painting.  Soon, friends, soon.  The time is coming.  Time is on our side.  

I also challenge you to pay attention to how you spend your time. After all, we can’t stop time.  But we can make the most of our time, even if it means doing absolutely nothing.  There IS no waste of time.
Now….time for a snack.


by Mattie Stepanek 1990 – 2004 Poet, Peacemaker, & Philosopher who played

I like wearing lots of watches for two reasons,

First, if they are all set a little different, 

No one’s ever too late, or too early,Or right on time. 

They just “are.”

Second, with all these watches on me, 

it’s like having “All the time in the world”

And never having to think about the End of time, 

Or about dying.

                                  August 1997

From one of Mattie’s 7 books,

“Journey Through Heartsongs”

One of the brightest, most insightful & inspirational young people ever.

  1. Linda Hutchinson

    Patti, I would like to sign up for Painting the Beloved Bird on Wed, May 29. Can you transfer my credit? Thank you.
    Linda Hutchinson


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