Organic, primitive, biotic….words that viewers have used to describe Adam’s compelling photographs of natural elements.  Adam has a way of taking something simple and creating something fresh, hypnotic, and a bit complex.  There is a certain modernity about his work that is current and relevant in the art world today.  He manages to capture the often  overlooked or forgotten elements in nature in such a beautiful way you want to see more.   He somehow tells a personal story with each image.  

Indeed, a story teller…..Fare Bella welcomes Adam Williams, founder of Humanitou, the blog where he captures heartfelt, ‘real’ conversations with interesting folks from right here in Manitou.  We love having Adam’s work grace the walls.  Check out this talented artist’s work at the gallery and his addictive blog


Adam Williams has worked as a creative professional for more than 15 years in photography, writing and design.  Adam’s recent and ongoing photography focuses on two projects: Reverence and Humanitou.

Reverence: Portraits of Nature highlights the often overlooked details of the natural world, primarily from the mountains and wild that surround where he lives in Colorado.

Humanitou is Adam’s social art project he publishes at  After Adam sits with fellow artists and others for one-on-one conversations of humanness and creativity, he makes portraits of each.


Reverence: Portraits of Nature is an ongoing study of the often overlooked details in nature.  Simple things:  ancient stones, weathered and gnarled pieces of wood, unbleached wildlife bones, and other elements.MilkweedHusk_v2_16x20-webFeathers_v1_20x30-webBone_v2_16x20-web

In each of these pieces there is a silent, unknown story.  How did they come to their textured, twisted, cracked and broken places?  These are the hints of time and change, and even life and death in the natural world.

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