DSC_0434When the viewer approaches one of Audrie’s  paintings they most often take more than one look.  They get closer, then back away, then move closer again.  Intrigued by the abstract complexity yet the accuracy of the beloved horse.

Fare Bella is thrilled and proud to showcase Audrie’s masterpiece paintings.  Her  experience and knowledge combined with her incredible natural talent literally mesmerize the viewer.DSC_0635DSC_0444DSC_0430DSC_0142DSC_0119

Painting and art have been an essential part of my entire life.  Some of my earliest memories include standing under the glare of the bright light clamped on the corner of my father’s easel and watching him paint images of cowboys and wildlife.

My current work is a mixture of representational and abstracted equine imagery.  I have three subjects of fairly equal weight–the gestural figure of the horse, the aesthetic principles of abstract design, and the process of mark-making with paint.  Flattened planes, vivid color relationships, and images that come in and out of focus are important components to my work.

While obtaining my mater’s degree in art, I focused on painting plein air landscapes for largely academic purposes.  When I finished, I promised myself I would paint what I wanted and how I wanted to do it.  I have painted horses almost exclusively in the ten years since then.

Exhibitions for this year included the Goodnight Barn Art Show at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center, the Cheyenne Frontier Days Western Art Show, the Colorado Governor’s Art Show at the Loveland Museum, America’s Horse in Art at the American Horse Association Hall of Fame in Amarillo, and the Mountain Oyster Club Western Art Show in Tucson.



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