It’s difficult enough to paint with ‘paint’–try incorporating paper and creating magnificent works of art.  Maggie does it beautifully.  The viewer takes a second look…Is that paper?  What is that, they ask?   Once they realize that the painting is a collage of interesting elements they are in awe of the depth and textural quality coming together in an incredible painting.

Fare Bella is honored to include Maggie Elligott’s  extraordinary collages to the gallery.  You must see them in person.

As an elementary art teacher, my students and their sense of wonder in the world constantly motivate me.  Many of my art lessons might stem from reading great books by author/illustrators such as Eric Carly and recreating his playful collages.  I believe my artwork reflects these happy, imaginary worlds, but is also grounded in reality and the beauty of our Colorado landscapes.  My mixed media botanical paintings are also based on my love of nature as a gardener, skier, mountain biker and hiker and is reflected on my canvas.  These works combine my formal training as a botanical illustrator, and collage work using trail maps found on my travels, to transport you to my outdoor playground of colorful whimsy and realism.

Maggie is a graduate of the University of Colorado and has also studied classical techniques in painting at the Minnesota School of Botanical Art in Minneapolis.  Having been both a military brat and military wife, Maggie has lived and traveled worldwide.  She is currently teaching elementary art in Colorado Springs School District 11.


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