Oh Wow…how did she do that?   That’s what almost everyone says when they first see Colorado Artist Kearston Corey’s stunning animal paintings in Fare Bella…
And Fare Bella is so very excited to feature Kearston’s exquisite mixed media paintings.
Moody, complex and sophisticated…the viewer is intrigued by the combination in her work.  You absolutely must stop in and take a close look.  Everyone needs to add a Kearston Corey piece to their collection!

Artist Bio

Kearston Corey finds joy painting and sculpting the form. She is a primarily self-taught artist who likes to explore human and animal themes. She likes to focus on the subject, leaving the background undefined. Kearston is currently working in limited palettes of oil over mixed media foundations that incorporate metal leaf and exotic plasters.

Kearston has had the opportunity to study with several local artists and likes to attend new workshops to continue honing her art. She holds a bachelor’s degree in biology from the University of Southern Colorado with an emphasis on wildlife studies. This has given her an in depth understanding of biological morphology and structure that translates into her artwork.

Artist Statement

As an artist I like to concentrate on individuals which includes both human and animal. Exploring the nuances of an individual is fascinating to me. When I look at animals I see intelligence and spirituality reflected in their eyes. There is depth and thought in their minds. I think about the animals strength, connections to families or packs, environment, and how they personally affect the world. I hope to capture wisdom, nurturing and strength and pair that with a spiritual connection in my work.

Winter Sun by Kearston CoreyOnDarkWingsMandela Dream by Kearston Corey

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