Fare Bella is thrilled to represent the whimsical yet sophisticated work of Santa Fe Artist Dennis Champlin.

2019-01-08 11.43.34

Just when you think you’ve seen it all in the art world, Dennis comes up with a new approach to incorporating the art elements.  His eye for design and color are beautifully combined to give the viewer a fresh, inventive and captivating approach to the animal world in art!  A simple scribble (trust me this is not easy) and a wash of fresh color gives the animal he is featuring a personality that truly speaks to the viewer.  
I am obsessed….stop in soon and see what I am talking about!

Denny is a contemporary impressionist artist working in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Many patrons have said of his work….

“Denny uses all the wrong colors in just the right way”

 His bold animal interpretations successfully capture not just the subject at hand, but their emotion and spirit as well.


I like to look for the abstract shapes and colors in the subject…

                                   And that gives the viewer a fresh look at what may be a familiar vision of the animals or other subjects he paints.

 Denny is passionate about design and composition and attempts to fill the canvas with an “up close” look at the eye-catching center of his attention. His vivid colors, simple lines and bold brush strokes combine for the high impact of his work; one that embraces the drama and accents the flair of his paintings.

“If a blue buffalo or red bear isn’t alarming to you —

you may very well have found a new

friend for your collection”

 Originally from northwest Iowa, Denny has had a lifelong interest in painting. He studied both Fine Art and Commercial Art at the University of South Dakota for what he considered to be a more balanced approach in his work. That combination of a solid grounding in the traditional fine arts, as well as a more visually exciting approach that comes from the commercial aspect, is what he believes helps him to render his painting with the visual impact he enjoys.

Denny’s paintings are shown in galleries throughout the west and proudly hang in Private and Commercial collections throughout the US and Mexico.

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