Susan was born in 1970, in Elmhurst, Il.  She grew up in the suburbs of Chicago and began her art career in Waukegan, Ill. in 1994.  Susan now resides in Colorado Springs and has just completed her 15th year as an elementary art teacher in Cheyenne Mountain School District 12.
Susan has always had a passion for creating.  She has dabbled in many different art mediums but for the past eight years she has zoned in on painting on plexiglass.  Her self taught techniques have developed through experimentation, trial and error, problem solving, and the determination to figure out how to make the different mediums work well together.  
Susan oftentimes begins the process by creating a blind contour line drawing of an owl on paper.  Blind contour drawings are created without looking at the paper and are drawn by using one continuous line. This technique gives her owls a unique character.  The drawing is then transferred to the plexiglass.  Shading, embellishments, and a variety of different types of paint are added in layers to the back side of the plexiglass.  Essentially, she is painting in reverse.
When asked, “Why owls?”  Susan would explain that her quirky little creatures are a great subject for her techniques.  They allow for the use of many different color schemes and a variety of different embellishments.  Best of all, they are all unique and have expressions that make her smile.

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