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Anticipation….An ti  ci pa a tion….
Is makin’ me late
Is keepin’ me wa ai ten’……    
Carly Simon
(I love Carly, now I can’t stop singing the song in my mind, funny how a word can take you to a place)
Anticipation. This time of year there are hints of Spring popping up here and there, yet we are forced to wait!   To anticipate.
Anticipation is something we all experience.  And it’s a bit difficult in this age of instant ‘almost anything!’  However, Spring is a time where waiting is our only choice….it arrives when it arrives.  And in Colorado the anticipation of Spring is often more appealing than Spring itself.  Usually windy, wet and chilly. 
And yet….we will continue to anticipate those warmer days ahead and all that comes with.
Fare Bella has anticipated the announcement of the new additions to the gallery spaces with lots of ‘joyful anticipation.’  They are finally ready and running…
This includes:
The incomparable Mark Day and the introduction of Mark Day Contemporary.  16 Ruxton–a working studio/gallery where one might find Mark creating at all hours of the day…or night!  Mark will feature contemporary pieces in a variety of mediums with an emphasis on larger works.  This light filled space has transformed into a retreat of beautiful, peaceful fabulousness.
The charming back room gallery space welcomes RAYE’S GALLERY AT RUXTON CREEK, a signature fine art photography gallery.  Introducing the 
dynamic Pamela Fickes-Miller (Raye) and her compelling photos capturing art in everyday urban life and architecture.  She will also feature curated work from invited photographers, as well as classes and workshops.  Sophisticated and modern with a few fantastic surprises.
And finally, the stunning fused glass of talented artist Tami Hill.  Tami Hill Fine Art takes the front gallery space inside of Fare Bella and compliments the entire gallery not only with her gorgeous glass art pieces/sculptures, but her paintings as well.  Tami has undoubtedly added some sparkle to the ‘eclectic mix of wonderful’ that is Fare Bella.
I do hope you will stop in and peruse the spaces. Fare Bella also welcomes several new and exciting artists, so plan on spending some time….
And finally, the anticipation is over….That precious angel in the photo above has arrived.   A little early with a bit of a bumpy start but this little warrior baby is strong, beautiful, happy…and has a big ‘super hero’ brother that is so protective and in love with his baby sister.
So much to anticipate.  
What are you anticipating?   Maybe an art class?  Click the tab below.  You know the drill…..
I’m anticipating ‘lots of wonderful’…..all the way around.
  1. rascalkitty2

    Patrice, I have learned so much in your watercolor class at Bemis FAC. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this coming week and will have to miss the last class. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of watercolor!
    Sincerely, Melissa Walker (March 9)


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