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I have so enjoyed this much needed gift of an empty calendar to start off 2018. 


As Winter begins to fade (well, it is Colorado after all…it might just be beginning!) and a new Season approaches, so does a new Season at Fare Bella! 
 I feel the need to simplify and renew and approach everything in life with intention.  This looks different to each of us.  For me it isn’t about filling every moment with activity, it’s about filling every moment with purpose…even if it means cuddling up on the sofa with a great book or enjoying a Wabi-Sabi walk in the park with Philip.  Hope you join me by doing a little decluttering.
The new Season at Fare Bella will bring some fun changes, new workshops and classes and lots of great surprises to look forward to.  
Of course I am looking forward to the September wedding of my handsome son Aaron and beautiful Sherri!  The upcoming Filler-Fest is sure to be an event to remember.  The gorgeous photos were taken by my very talented photographer daughter, Brie.  What a fun day that was!
Thank you all for your understanding and encouraging words while I took a little time off.  Classes are back and you remember the drill.  
Go to Farebellagallery.com and click on current class schedule box, click on link in upper left corner of page to view schedule, print out registration form and send in with your deposit to hold your spot.  
I look forward  to seeing old friends and artists and hopefully some new ones.
I am grateful.
  1. rascalkitty2

    Patrice, I have learned so much in your watercolor class at Bemis FAC. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this coming week and will have to miss the last class. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of watercolor!
    Sincerely, Melissa Walker (March 9)


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