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Looks like Spring is finally here.    Blossoms are out in full force, colorful little blooms poking through the earth, a sprinkling of powdered sugar like snow on the Peak.  Spring…unpredictable and fickle….Ain’t it fun?
A few more weeks and Summer will be on it’s way….life goes on and life is good.
Good to be back in the swing of things at the gallery.  Good to be teaching and reuniting with the sorority…old and new members.  Good to have Mark back sometime in May (unless he’s having too much fun!) Good to celebrate baby Philip’s 4th b’day…a baby no more, and he reminds me often!  And good to move closer to Filler Fest…Aaron and Sherri’s wedding in September.  Like I said, life is good.
Now, let’s have fun and create some fantastic art in the upcoming classes.  You know the drill….go to Farebellagallery.com and click on current schedule square, click on schedule in upper left corner of page to view, click on registration form, print and send in!  
Remember…if you sign up, and actually make it to all four classes in the current schedule you will receive one free class of your choice during the following schedule!  How can you pass that up?
Yes, life is good….make everyday count!
  1. rascalkitty2

    Patrice, I have learned so much in your watercolor class at Bemis FAC. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this coming week and will have to miss the last class. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of watercolor!
    Sincerely, Melissa Walker (March 9)


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