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So….this is the Season of Hope!   
Hope:  A feeling that what is wanted will happen; desire accompanied by expectation.
We all hope for something. And with hope comes a bit of  anxiousness.  Our minds can switch up the outcome of any given situation….  
So stay focused…as my four year old bright and beautiful Philip says. ‘Stay focused Papa’….while out on routine hikes with Grandpa.  Philip takes time to ‘smell’ the trees! And has ‘hope’ of seeing a critter or something new and different along the way.   The hope of youth!
I think we can all agree that we have hope for peace and a kinder gentler nation.   Pray people, pray.
‘My hope’ is that you are all kinder to yourself, your loved ones, your neighbors.  Try smiling at everyone you pass by or encounter throughout your day and see what happens.  And make eye contact.  ‘Give’ someone a bit of hope
I also ‘hope’ to see new faces in the Fare Bella workshops and Bemis classes.  I hope you give art a chance and enjoy the journey no matter what.
Schedule is out for January – February.  Click on link below to take you to website.  Search the current schedule box.  I ‘hope’ you can figure it out!!
Finally, I hope you all know how much you are loved and appreciated.  Your support and encouragement has been paramount in my life.  I ‘hope’ the friendships continue.
And while I’m at it…I hope that moving ahead to 2019 gives way to enjoying the ‘getting there” as much as the ‘arrival’ of the big changes coming to Fare Bella and new galleries within.    I say farewell to Tracy Miller and her incredible successful gallery.  Off to bigger and brighter…I will miss Tracy.  She has taught me a lot and we have had a blast along the way.  I hope she is in for a great adventure.  Look for MORE to come SOON!
  1. rascalkitty2

    Patrice, I have learned so much in your watercolor class at Bemis FAC. Unfortunately, I will be out of town this coming week and will have to miss the last class. Thank you for introducing me to the wonders of watercolor!
    Sincerely, Melissa Walker (March 9)


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