Heather is a professional artist working from her studio in Peyton, Colorado.  Growing up in Tucson, AZ., Heather loved all things creative and was regularly inspired by the Catalina Mountains that she spent many days drawing or painting.
As she has grown in technique and style Heather has moved to various places in the US, she has pursued a number of different avenues of creation.  She spent many years designing customized dried flower artwork for a leader in the industry.  Then, once completing a degree in Computer Information Systems, she began designing and writing computer code in the government sector.
After moving to Colorado in 2016 with her husband and young son, she couldn’t take the urge to paint full time any longer.  She quit her Software Development career and created Hedars Art Studio with the help and support of her husband and family.
She truly enjoys the opportunity of creating custom artwork for her clients and also thrives on the different complex processes of creating both large and small works. Nature is her biggest inspiration.  Finding a way to translate the way that the natural environment makes us feel is the most gratifying and difficult part of the process.
20171231_12294520170507_12541420180103_131741These fascinating paintings inspired by nature are complex,  colorful and mesmerizing.  A mixture of pigments, inks and dye layered into epoxy resin.  You really must see them in person to appreciate.

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