When Nancy was young she spent a good deal of time at the Minneapolis Art Institute, where she took classes from Kindergarten to precollege Summer school. At Colorado State University, Nancy majored in illustration and Design. She began her career as an illustrator at Hallmark Cards for five years in Kansas City. She then pursued freelance illustration work while living in Southern and Central California.

In 2005, Nancy began making jewelry as a hobby and in 2010 her hobby turned into a business as she was besieged by requests from friends and admirers for pieces similar to what Nancy modeled daily. Nancy believes, “There are no maxims that restrict setting the sparkle of a faceted cut rounded aquamarine beside a luminous carved bone monkey figurine. In fact, the vibrant inner jewel tone of one, compliments the luminous opacity of the other. The mere fact that you have not seen this combination before, make it desirable in its genuine unique pairing.”

Nancy knows how to break the rules.

Designing jewelry is very much like painting,” Nancy says. “Color choice, balance of elements, texture, focus, weight, and silhouette, are essential to strong design. But unlike painting, being sensitive to current fashion trends and necklines is a whole other dimension. The challenge is inspiring. I dream in beads.   I want my clientele to enjoy wearing these pieces as much as I did creating them.”

 Presently Nancy lives in the Colorado foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband Ezra Tucker, who is a fine artist. They have three talented children who are quickly becoming adults. Nancy and Ezra both have their studios at home, where they create spectacular art pieces while herds of mule deer graze in their forested property.






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