California artist, Randy Honerlah grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and currently resides in the Sierra Foothills with his wife, Sharon.
Randy’s grandmother bought him his first paint-by-numbers set when he was a boy and he was fascinated by artworks and painting ever since.  During a 35 year career in the semiconductor industry, he continued cultivating his artistic skills on his own, earned an art minor in college and also studied with various artists.  Now in retirement, he enjoys the luxury of practicing his passion as inspiration strikes.
Past artworks were both representational and abstract oils, watercolors and acrylics, but today he prefers focusing on contemporary abstracts and impressionistic landscapes in acrylic medium.  “I really enjoy painting in two different styles, because different visions or scenes demand different approaches and feeling.  Like many artists, I enjoy this style switch because it re-energizes my outlook and vision.”
Whether hiking with his dogs, fishing or just quietly sitting by a stream, Randy is constantly scanning the environment for inspiration, such as that reflected in his new series of Sierra landscapes; his love of the mountains clearly shows in his treatment of light, trees and water.  In contrast, his abstracts rely on vivid color, texture and composition to stir the human emotion and place the viewer in an unfamiliar perspective.
Randy’s work has been published in the first annual Acylic Works–Best of Acrylics book, Southwest Art Magazine, Foothill Style and various newspapers.  His abstracts, landscapes and animal paintings have won awards in many local and national exhibitions. 
Free Fallin (2)Honerlah_baby blueHonerlah-Blue Eyes
Honerlah_Morning Dew

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