As a third generation Colorado native, artist Christopher Woolley paints those things which are close to his heart.  Both sides of his family arrived in Colorado at the turn of the 20th century to be a part of the history of this land and it’s wild inhabitants.  From the sacred mountain peaks to the pinion covered foothills.  For an artist to grow up in such an environment is both enriching and demanding as every turn in the trail brings a new and exciting subject.  
“The spirit of the place is not in the grand vista, but in the shadow of the detail.”
“This is the theme which is integral to my work.  For me it’s a special moment to sit silently in the black timber as the elk file past me unaware.  I can see, however, that the magic is not in the elk, but in the details that make up the elk.  It’s in the antlers and hooves, the trees and the sounds echoing through the forest.  It is the finely integrated elements that come together like the tiny parts of a Swiss watch, synchronizing to create a moment in time.  These moments can be found anywhere, if we choose to look for them.  My paintings are not of subjects.  My paintings are of details that make up a moment.  Moments with meaning.”
Chris is primarily self-taught and works in graphite and transparent watercolors.  He credits the works of Charley Russell, Thomas Moran and Tom Owens as having the greatest influence on his own efforts.
“I’ve been painting watercolors for more than twenty five years and it never ceases to amaze me how each painting is a creative process unique unto itself.”
Chris paints contemporary landscapes and wildlife.  He lives in the heart of Colorado Springs.


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