Becky Winegar


Becky has undeniably found her visual voice. Combining watercolor with pen (scribbling as Becky calls it)….she creates the most charming paintings. What a unique way to interpret the subject while capturing the personality so well. Just look at those eyes!

Becky is a Colorado native. Married to Gary, they have a blended family—two sons and two daughters….all grown up with one grandson. A retired RN, Becky worked in the Cheyenne Mountain School district for 16 years. It’s no wonder that she has such a sweet, caring nature.

Becky and Gary have a getaway home in Breckenridge that allows them the joy of the mountains that they so love. Outdoor adventures, hiking, tennis, yoga….and of course painting are some of Becky’s favorite things to do. They also enjoy art and have a fabulous collection.

Did I mention a passion for travel? Becky and Gary celebrated their 22nd wedding anniversary with a trip to NYC and then North to Montreal. Now that’s my kind of celebration!
Becky…you have such a beautiful sprit. Stylish, sophisticated, really cute—not only a good friend but a valuable addition to the Fare Bella sorority.

Yes, we love us some Becky!!





Juli Carleton

Isn’t this sweet elephant precious? The personality shines because Juli captured it perfectly! Juli takes on every challenge in class with enthusiasm.
Juli was born & raised in California. She moved to Colorado in 2005 with her husband Rick. Both are retired air traffic controllers (whew…now that job requires some art therapy for sure!), they now live in Monument. They have two sons & a daughter & a new baby granddaughter. Was this elephant for her????
They love travel, ATV & Jeep adventures, & music concerts (especially Rick)
A job related injury introduced Juli to the art world where she explored acrylics & photography. She has only painted in watercolor for about 1 1⁄2 years.

In the Fare Bella art sorority we call Juli our walking encyclopedia! She knows something valuable about almost everything. We have a question….ask Juli. If she doesn’t know it…immediate research follows! In the rare occasion when she isn’t in class…we are lost. Don’t leave us Juli…we are becoming much smarter because of you!

Inside & out, Juli is a wonderful, beautiful soul—a treasure.




Judy says she started painting because she couldn’t sing!  A music teacher told her instead to paint the murals for the programs she couldn’t participate in!  Her love of art has never died.
Judy and husband John are retired and live in Woodland Park, surrounded by mountains.  They have two daughters, six grandchildren and one great grandchild!
They have a passion for travel and camping.  Spain, Scotland, Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest and the National Parks!  WOW!
Judy is a member of the Mountain Artists and has shown her work at various galleries in the Pikes Peak Area.  Most recently in the Monte Carlo Gallery in Cripple Creek. 
When Judy isn’t traveling she is supporting John as he entertains folks in the area with his Blue Grass/Country Band “Monument Creek Can Kicker Band”…John plays base and sings.  How fun is that…and…did I mention Cheyney Cellars Wine?
Judy is one of the sweetest, kindest, cutest people around. Everyone adores her.
Judy….we are soooo glad you can’t sing!
Your painting sing for you!






Robert Templin

It’s hard to make it look easy.  Robert does this very well by incorporating hard, soft & lost edges–allowing the viewer to complete the painting.  Inspired by his love of the Southwest…. horses & cowboys are just a few of the subjects in his repertoire.
Robert has taken classes at Fare Bella, where he also shows his work, as well as The Air Force Academy & Bella Art in Monument where he lives with his lovely wife Paula.  Paula & Robert have a blended family that includes two sons & a daughter.  They have a passion for travel & have traveled throughout Europe….always returning to their favorite destination, Santa Fe (where they were married) & Taos.  I think Machu Picchu or the Galapagos Islands are in the future travel plans.  
What great locations for painting inspiration!


Montie Huntsman

Montie can paint animals that literally come to life…as shown in an early 2016 painting of elk, inspired by a Buffalo Kaplinski workshop.

She has exqusite taste (in art, fashion, decor’…you name it) & a true natural sense of color…just look at that painting! Montie has an art degree & a background in design. She has taken classes for several years & is a most faithful and valued friend & artist! Having a permanent painting spot in Fare Bella!

Montie lives in flying horse with hubby Jim, a retired air force pilot that served in Vietnam (Thank You Jim for your service…you are a hero) & then flew commercially for United Airlines. This offered Montie a lifetime of travel. Living everywhere from Texas, New Mexico, Florida, Hawaii, Spain…whew! No wonder she has such flair! Now retired, Montie and Jim enjoy annual Air Force reunions all over the country with the lifelong friends they have developed over the years. They have two grown sons in Denver (really cute…and single…just sayin’)

Montie…you are an inspiration & we love you!



Susan Griebel

This charming painting was created in an early Autumn work shop. Susan succeeded in capturing the light & shadow. Her style is developing beautifully & is becoming identifiable. This is something that often takes years to achieve.  (I had to throw in the Puffin just because he is so darn cute!)



Susan is a retired English teacher & you better believe she keeps me in check!  Thank you friend.

She lives in the city above the clouds—Woodland Park—with her sweet husband Garrett.  They have a son & daughter & three precious grand children…we have fun swapping stories & photos.


Susan enjoys the outdoors & exploring the National Parks.

Her life long love of learning has led to her recent venture at UCCS in Greek Art & Mythology….Oh My!

Susan has a great sense of humor & when she isn’t in class things are just off.  She brightens things up & keeps us laughing!

Don’t even think about leaving the sorority Susan. 

We won’t allow it!!

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