Fare Bella is privileged to represent the incredible portrait & figurative work of Julie Johnson. 

 Art has always been a part of Julie’s life, but was put on hold while she raised her family.

It wasn’t long before the urge to paint and draw became so strong Julie thought she would burst.
‘You pick up that pencil no matter how scared you are!’
Taking a year to study drawing, Julie found her visual voice.
‘It is a joy to see what shows up on canvas….’
Most often it is a face or form.  Julie loves art that speaks to us and touches an emotion.  Julie is a true storyteller and her art indeed touches an emotion.
Julie lives in Colorado Springs, CO where she paints daily in her studio overlooking Pikes Peak.
“May you enjoy my art and may it touch you.”   Blessings
BIO:  Art college with an illustration degree from Kendall School of Art and Design. 
Studied under the renowned portray artist Michelle Dunaway.
Teaches two drawing classes online, ‘Scribble Art’ and ‘Making Art Sing’ values, shape & line. 
Julie is available for portrait commissions.

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