Artist’s Statement

Being out in nature feeds my soul so it is no surprise that I am passionate about painting the landscape “en plein air” (painting outdoors on location).  Holding onto the first impression and painting fast before the light changes is exhilarating. This exudes an energy and freshness to the work. Inspiration comes from a combination of all of the elements – the play of morning light, the rhythm of rolling hills, patterns in the vegetation as well as dazzling water reflections. Each painting is a visual description of my emotional response to the sights, sounds and smells of my surroundings.

Mixed Media

To stay fresh I must explore and stretch my creative boundaries.  Most recently, monoprinting and collage have captured my attention. Working primarily with a Gelli Plate I create my own papers to use in the collages. The process of playfully layering colors, designs, and images as well as adding textures has been incredibly freeing and evocative.  Each piece has its own story to tell.


Although Sally spent her professional life as a nurse-midwife providing women’s health care, the need to be creative has always been pervasive in her life.  Through the years, she has explored many different mediums – clay, printmaking, oils, acrylics and watercolors – on her own as well as participating in various workshops and classes.

In 1998, Sally’s mother (a garage sale enthusiast) presented her a set of “garage sale” soft pastels. Sally was hooked! The vibrancy, kinesthetic aspect, and immediacy of the medium was love at first touch.

In 1999, Sally moved to Salida, CO.  Surrounded by mountains in the beautiful Arkansas River Valley it was a natural evolution to begin painting “en plein air”.  Inspired by nature and painting outside in the elements fuels her creative process.  When she is not out hiking in the wilderness with her trusty 4-legged companion Izzy, seeking the perfect moment for a painting, she can be found in her studio exploring the endless possibilities of  mixed media.

DSC04583Morning Rhapsody 800-72Moving into SilenceReflecting on the Day800-72Tenacity800-72

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