2017 SEPTEMBER – OCTOBER (<– click)




Little boys and sticks…..That’s Philip on an imaginary adventure in the country side of Montreal.  What a lucky kid.  And what an imagination.  
Summer days have been filled with the joy of looking at the world through his eyes.  How fun is that?
But as it goes, Summer is coming to an end….my favorite Season will be here soon & with it comes lots of excitement! 
We are happy to announce the return of our dear friend & talented artist…Nancye Culbreath!  Nancye will open her own gallery & studio in the charming, sun drenched back room of Tracy Miller Gallery.   We are extremely excited.
Please stop in & welcome Nancye back, check out the Bison show in Tracy’s gallery coming up September 30, take a peek at  Mark’s lovely space & wonder the ever changing gallery.  
Some great classes coming up.  Remember if you sign up for all four you get a free class on the following schedule.  How can you pass that up?  You know the drill…click on link below & it will take you to the website where you click on the current class schedule box, click on the link in upper left corner of page to view, print out registration……voila!!
Just a reminder.  The incline is closed until December so that frees up quite a bit of Manitou parking. The road construction is still going on so thank you in advance for your patience.  Try taking HWY 24 West to the Cave of the Winds traffic light.  Turn left onto Serpentine & that leads into the backside of Manitou.  It’s a really pretty drive.
Enjoy Indian Summer & indulge in a big fat Carmel Apple in honor of the Season ahead!


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