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                                                                        melody beattie
This saying is so true to me.  I know you will agree that we all have so much to be grateful for.  Including the trials and mundane.
Of course I am incredibly grateful for that sweet face above….oh my heart……sigh.
So this is is my favorite time of year.  I know…you already know this…..but this year I have so many reasons to celebrate the Season. It is my 10th year in business!  
We began the renovation in July 2007 and the Grande Reveal on Oct. 6th!  
With doubt and fear, my very encouraging sis Debbie said “who cares, so what…just do it” (Sound familiar students)?  Well, I did and it has been quite an adventure…..satisfying my love of art and my shopping addiction, educational to say the least, so challenging at times….   
It has been epic!  
So how do you say ‘Thank You’ to so many for so much. Just know that I get exponentially more than I give.  
Thank you, thank you.
In retrospect, there have been great classes and workshops by guest artists. Plein Air with Buffalo Kaplinski was a blast!  Thanks Buffalo. In his element, he was energizing!
This coming week ‘Romancing the Fall’ workshop with Mark Day and myself will come and go. I predict fun and frolic for all involved.  (Oh yes…good lessons as well!) We have had such amazing response, I just know it will be the start of future on location workshops and adventures.  
The creative process is never ending.  We all need it and I am thrilled to be a part of it all.  A big grateful ‘Thank You’ to Mark for his very unique, insightful and intuitive nature.  Please come visit his gallery corner to see what I’m talking about.  Prepare to swoon.
The gallery has made some great improvements aesthetically and also added some new incredibly talented artists. Tracy has made some fun changes to her gallery and Nancye is back with a booming start. Come see for yourselves if you haven’t been in.  Or wait until the Holiday Open House Celebration to stop by.  Look for invite soon.
I hope you all dare to do something different and creative. I hope you look beyond the chaos and find your sanctuary of calm and peace.  I hope you say ‘thank you’ for the everyday blessings.
Schedule is out…click on link below and click on current schedule box, click on Nov.-Dec. schedule in upper left corner  to view, click on registration form, print & send in.  See you in class!  
                 The Power of Thankfulness is found in Perspective.
                                                                                       Joanna Gaines

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