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Once July 4th hits & the fireworks light up the sky….well, Summer time seems to pass quickly.   So, enjoy it all & how about indulging in a bit of yummy custard, have you been to the custard shop in Manitou?  If not, you are missing out on one of life’s greatest joys…let me just say!
Or…..how about a refreshing really big (well…they are…I can never quite finish one) Margarita at the Loop?  One sip & it’s Summer for sure.
So many fun things to do in Manitou.  Aaron & Sherri took the family from Philadelphia on a real Colorado Adventure to the Cave of the Winds and ventured on the Terror Dactyl…..yikes!  But all had a blast & loved it.  Come on, I dare you!
Do come on down.  You now get 30 minutes of free parking & free after 6:00pm.  Stop in & shop the galleries & say ‘Hey’ or take a fun filled art class.  Lots of great ones coming up.  Including an Acrylic Workshop with Coni Grant on Friday August 11.  More info to come on that.
Go to Farebellagallery.com or click on the green link below.  Click on the July/August workshop  box to view.  Once there, click on the link in the upper left corner of the page along with the registration form.  You know what to do…now click away!
Enjoy Summer, take in a little adventure & stay safe on the trails & rivers & rocks…..

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