No, I was not the kid that colored & painted & loved drawing.

I did carry around a tiny Kodak camera & forced my siblings to pose & model for me!

What I do remember growing up in Taos, was tagging along with my wood carving artist Dad to the Kachina Lodge (it was sparkly new & beautiful back in the day).

He would widdle away with a tiny chisel along side a few other artists on the enormous totem pole in the Kiva Coffee Shop, which still exists today.

I was usually bored so I would wander the shiny hallways & lobby. They were beautifully decorated with art & rugs & jewelry & pottery….the entire grounds of the Kachina were just magical. I would peruse the boutiques & ski shop within the lodge & I was in awe of it all.

I realize now, that although I probably noticed the amazing art gracing the walls, I was more fascinated with the overall beauty. I learned to love beautiful “things…spaces…& places.”

I was a lucky little kid to be able to wander & fantasize. Who knew that one day that fantasy would become a reality. I would be creating & selling beautiful “things” in my own beautiful “space” in a really beautiful “place”…..Fare Bella in Manitou Springs.

The love that I developed early on has turned into a passion. I didn’t start painting until my late 40’s & it soon became a part of me. I eventually opened Fare Bella against the advice of many. Doubtful, I was encouraged by my sister Debbie, who said “who cares…if it doesn’t work…at least you tried!” That was almost 9 years ago! A dear friend & art teacher, Lorraine Danzo, said that an art gallery was a “rich women’s hobby!” (Hhmmm, ok….) She encouraged me to teach. Another doubtful venture…but I took her advice & happy that I did. I love teaching & sharing my knowledge.  I also love the entire process of watercolor. The mistakes & unpredictability & how it lends itself to the art of suggestion. The ethereal quality of the medium is unmatched.

Patti lives near the original silo in the NE High Chaparal area of Colorado Springs.  The Old Farm area was one of the first homesteads to be settled.

DSC00850IMG_3193IMG_3046winter aspenimage

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