breaking through_E.jpgPainting is a vehicle that I use to translate my internal world into visual poetry.

Using primarily a palette knife, I blend and build color and texture in a way that creates rich diversity. I often work fast, with passionate colors on large canvases. I am driven to capture that fleeting moment of vision and inspiration where color and form allow the painting to travel its own path to resolution.

I was born and raised in New York, but only truly found home in Boulder, Colorado over twenty years ago. I have always craved the solace and power of wide open spaces and was drawn to the mountains of Colorado and the red canyons of southern Utah. The landscape of the west is my source of continual inspiration. There is something about the canyons of southern Utah and the open sky of Colorado that remind me of the essence of who I am and refocus me on the magic of life.

Dawn lives in the eclectic city of Boulder with her family and  travels to Denver where she has a studio in the heart of downtown.

FullSizeRender-6Reflection_eRoots Reaching Deep


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