Mattie readily admits that for an artist, she has had a checkered past.  She was an engineer, designing astronaut jet packs, a bar owner in Vail, a ski bum, a hermit in a one-room log cabin, an environmental attorney, a full-time single mom, & cleaned guns for the Israeli army!  Whew!  
Today, she tours patrons of the arts at the Colorado Springs Fine Art Center…skis, cycles, hikes & travels worldwide.
Mostly, she creates….
With the passionate play of adventure, Mattie never really knows what to expect when she starts.  Her work is constantly evolving & is always something never seen before.
Inspired by nature…her work tends to be detailed.  She likes people to enjoy it from across the room & up close.  Her hope is that you see  wonder & beauty in the details. 
Mattie has retired from legal work & now creates in her studio in the small town of Monument, CO.
13-09-30-01c Autumn Aspen Isosceles 15-05-21-01a Fish Tale
IMG_0509 IMG_0513 IMG_0514 IMG_0530

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