Like most artists I know, I’ve been drawing & creating art for as long as I can remember & when I grew up I didn’t stop.  I attended the College for Creative Studies in Detroit.  Being one of the top design schools in the country & preferring the representational side of art I gravitated towards their Commercial Art program over the Fine Art Department.  There I earned a BFA with a major in illustration & spent the next two decades as an illustrator, graphic designer, & art director–usually all three at once.
While I enjoyed my years as a graphic artist, I routinely felt the urge to enter the world of tine art.  I grew increasingly tired of making other people’s concepts “look good.”  Many times projects worked out well, but all too often projects were a failure before they landed on my desk.  I needed a chance to succeed or fail on my own terms.  After moving to Colorado in 2013, & with my wife’s encouragement, I decided to give a painting career a go.
There is so much beauty in Colorado I’m often overwhelmed.  I see paintings waiting to be created almost every time I turn around.  I want my work to capture the impression of the awe I have for the landscapes here.  I still might fail, but when I don’t it’s incredibly satisfying.  When a buyer likes my work it’s an honest thrill to me.
David lives with his wife & two young boys in the peaceful country side East of Colorado Springs.
2015_0525_SleepingGiantGotG_sm 2015_0528_PikesPeakinSpring 2015_0611_FoxRunPond 2015_0612_PeakOneSummitCounty photo

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