Students & fellow artists ask me why I love Daniel Smith paints? 

 Daniel Smith extra fine watercolors are the widest range of professional watercolors on the market. A total of 247 colors manufactured in Seattle.


  • Single Pigment Colors provide clear & clean washes.
  • Most colors have fantastic lightfast rating—they will not fade.
  • Quinacridone Colors are high-performance pigments with outstanding transparency & color intensity.
  • Prima Tek Colors are unique colors made with authentic mineral pigments. These diverse colors are based on the actual mineral–ranging from subtle earth tones to rich exquisite jewel shades, such as Lapis & Rhodonite.   Most of these paints have a natural luminosity & many granulate.

 The labels are informative & simple to understand.  Priced from a reasonable $9 up.  Price is based on paint properties. They are safe to use & approved by the Art & Craft Materials Institute.

 I am fortunate to offer these paints to the public….if I don’t have a color in stock I am happy to order it for you!

 Quinacridone  (pronounced kwin ak’ ri doan)  My all time favorites!

 What is Granulation?  When pigments tend to settle into the valleys of the paper creating unusual effects or patterns that enhance texture. 

 I LOVE granulation.  But sometimes you want a smooth wash…without granulation.   Soooo—learn your paints, or at least learn how to read the labels!

* My favorite granulating pigments:

  • Opera *
  • Cobalt Violet
  • Moonglow
  • Imperial Purple
  • Ultramarine Blue
  • Cobalt Blue*
  • Cobalt Teal*
  • Undersea Green
  • Quin. Gold/Sienna/Burnt Orange*
  • Burnt Sienna/Umber
  • Paynes Gray*
  • Lunar Black


IMG_3667 IMG_3623 IMG_3622 

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