Capturing an often controversial subject, graffiti, Brie shares with us the beauty, energy, and often powerful messages expressed in this medium. Based in Denver, CO Brie graduated with a photography degree from the Art Institute of CO back in 2007 and is to this date focusing in on the bold, colorful, and other worldly images that are appearing more frequently in the urban landscape that surrounds her and us all, bringing a conscience awareness to this medium as being more than just ‘street art.’
Graffiti has long been seen as trash art, vandalism, or just unsightly and an unwanted part of the urban sprawl. Artists such as Brie are however trying to convey that graffiti does often encapsulate important social messages and cultural ideas that can have an impact on society as a whole. Brie’s enthusiasm and passion to capture and share these creative, surreal images, assist in broadening our perspective on what art really is, by taking it from the streets and alleys and displaying it in many fine art galleries.

Brie lives in an urban loft in the trendy Highlands neighborhood in Denver, CO.

Contact gallery for sizes, pricing, and more of Brie’s art.





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