Susan received a B.A in philosophy from Lake Forest College, but early on, while she was finishing her studies as a young mother, she took a few art classes. She spent time as a teacher and then a life-altering illness changed her whole perspective and painting became her focus. Concentrating on watercolor, she was honored with a place in the Permanent Collection of Very Special Arts of Wisconsin in 1994 & 1998.
After moving to Colorado and taking a workshop with Fran Dodd, she became enamored with pastels. It was then that spontaneity became a characteristic of her style. Color is her love and the way it is possible with the stroke of a pastel stick.

Susan lives in the charming Patti Jewet area in the heart of Colorado Springs.

Contact gallery for sizes, pricing, and more of Susan’s art.


detail shot of brushstrokes

IMG_4506 IMG_4508 IMG_4509

IMG_3707 IMG_3706 IMG_3705 IMG_3704 IMG_3703

  1. Carol Hammond

    Susan continues to amaze me with her gift for creating such a variety and beautiful color combinations in her pastels!


  2. Honey Lea Gaydos

    I really like your color block style! It is so vibrant and strikes just the right note between realism and abstraction.


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