“My love of mosaics comes from the freedom & spontaneity given me in the process of construction; there is no law of composition, usually, & it could be a work in progress if one wished. The fun is the hunt for the overlooked & discarded things not perceived as valuable.”
Mosaics give a life to ordinary objects. It might be somewhat an obsession in found objects, some imagination & madness, a lot of humor & fun in bouncing pattern off of pattern & color off of color, & the ever present unexpected gifts the world gives up for free to the believer.

Patti’s technique is called Piquette Assiette (plate snatcher)

She lives in a 1910 historic bungalow at the foot of America’s mountain in Manitou Springs

Contact gallery for sizes, pricing, and more of Patti’s work.

IMG_3698 IMG_3696 IMG_3686 IMG_3683 IMG_3680

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