Shar’s first interest in art came when she entered college just after WWII to study  ” Interior Decorting.” Family who told her “it was not practical” discouraged her. Thirty some years later, after raising a family, she bought a 150lb concrete kick-style pottery wheel & created a few pots. The wheel threw mud all over the walls, another discouraging development that ended the pottery phase.

In 1995 Shar started to paint in watercolor – she thought her paintings were “tight” & couldn’t seem to get the desired flow. Finally, she discovered collage, acrylics, abstraction & lots of COLOR.

Now, approaching 87, Shar has added a new dimension to her art…encaustic. Thriving in this creative & fulfilling outlet, she is getting loose, wild, crazy…& having fun!

“Encaustic is a new adventure for me. The feel of the beeswax nurtures my love for nature. To play with great colors & see what happens…what fun!”

Shar is surrounded by wildlife & nature in her charming log cabin-like home in Cascade, CO.

contact gallery for pricing, sizes, and more of Shar’s art.


IMG_3615 IMG_3617 IMG_3616

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